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Are You Ready to Disrupt Aging?


By MaryBeth Kane The fact is we are living longer as a population globally. The question becomes, how do we age actively and healthfully? There are many myths and stereotypes about human aging and what

Are You Ready to Disrupt Aging?2020-08-12T16:32:27+00:00

Why You Should Know Where Your Food Comes From


by MaryEllen Zung, Certified Holistic Health Coach, Lakeland Hills YMCA Is knowing where your food comes from really important? It’s hard enough deciding what to eat these days for good health with our friends and

Why You Should Know Where Your Food Comes From2020-08-12T16:33:17+00:00

Stay Safe in The Heat


by Laura O'Reilly-Stanzilis RN MSM Throughout the summer and early fall, especially with high humidity, your body temperature can rise to dangerous levels and you can develop a heat illness. Most heat illnesses occur from

Stay Safe in The Heat2020-07-23T22:22:47+00:00

Motion is Lotion. Get Stretching!


By Mara Kimowitz Aging is often accompanied by stiffening of the muscles, decreased range of motion of the joints, a shorter walking gait and kyphosis of the upper back.  Now, imagine if you could prevent these conditions

Motion is Lotion. Get Stretching!2020-08-12T16:42:57+00:00
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