By Mara Kimowitz

Aging is often accompanied by stiffening of the muscles, decreased range of motion of the joints, a shorter walking gait and kyphosis of the upper back.  Now, imagine if you could prevent these conditions or at least slow them down with only 15 minutes of your time a day.  How wonderful would you feel, look, and move through life as you turn 60, 70, 80, 90?

While stretching is often associated with the likes of gymnasts, dancers and other athletes; older individuals can benefit from a regular stretching regimen to improve the functionality of daily living and prevent joint disease.  According to research, over 32 million Americans suffer from arthritis.  Motion is lotion to your joints and stretching daily will keep you moving for a lifetime without limitation or discomfort.

That doesn’t mean booking an hour yoga class, stressing about keeping up with the youngsters, attempting to hold complicated poses and feeling inadequate.  Simple stretching 15 minutes a day at home, in a chair and comfortably is enough to keep your joints healthy and happy.  Try to stretch your entire body in different directions.  Stretching should always feel good so listen to your body and enjoy the movement.  Put on some music.  Use a stretch belt to assist in attaining deeper stretches.  Reach out to qualified stretch trainers and practitioners if you need further guidance and always check with your doctor if you have concerns.  Remember, motion is lotion.  So get to stretching today!

Mara is the owner of StretchSource. She can be reached at